Little update: as things look right now I’ll probably come back once the busy season at work ends (which will be the latter half of August).

I think I’m going to take a break on another account for a while. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I don’t like the game anymore, I just want to take a break before it feels too much like a job. I need to fix my tumblring ways.
It’s ok if you want to ask for the URL if for whatever reason you’d still like to keep in contact with me (just please do it off of anon).


madotsuki with one color 

gappiemikan sent : ✍ Baby Akumu~



does akumu age? we just don’t know

it is probably equally as awful as a baby too, though


revisiting an old friend


ill never find all the effects (●´⌓`●)

Brainstorm with me ok?  If you were a protagonist in a YN-esque game what kind of effects would you have?  What would your room look like?  What would your outfit look like?  What would your dream world be like?  What kind of events/endings would you have?

here’s that MadoPoniko thing you requested someone to draw lol
Sorry if it’s all dumb!